6 secrets of customer-facing CIOs

The CIO role has dramatically shifted as organizations lean on IT to drive digital business initiatives.

6 secrets of customer-facing CIOs

Architecture and design firm Perkins+Will views technology as a catalyst for change, which isn’t surprising, given that digital transformation has become a business imperative for most organizations. What is notable is that CIO Murali Selvaraj’s team developed an app to change how the company communicates with clients and sought feedback from clients on the features they most want.

The app, Perkins+, enables the firm’s architects to share design blueprints and other documents with clients, and in 2017, Selvaraj’s team added augmented reality functionality that gives designers and developers a new way to work with project models.

With a mandate a couple of years back from CEO Phil Harrison to become more client focused, Selvaraj knew the app needed to contain enough information to anticipate customers’ questions, but not overwhelm them.

“The secret sauce of creating a [customer] engagement is not overwhelming the client with too much information, but the right information at the right time, when the client needs it,’’ says Selvaraj, who is also an architect.

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