Trusted advisors: The digital CIO’s secret weapon

From strategic vendors to former colleagues, trusted advisors are essential to the success of today’s CIOs, who must bet on the right partners in their quest to drive digital across the business.

Trusted advisors: The digital CIO’s secret weapon
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Any CIO will tell you they can't be successful without a stacked tech bench and a squadron of third-party collaborators, from strategic vendors to consultants. But these days, with digital transformation upending nearly every industry, good help is increasingly hard to find.

Traditional research firms struggle to keep up with the pace of change required for digital transformation, says Mihai Strusievici, director of IT for Colliers International's North America business. While Strusievici relies on traditional research firms, consultancies and his peers, he says finding advisors who have a deep understanding of the real estate sector and how to apply technology to Colliers' business is challenging.

The reality is that CIOs have diverse needs based on an array of factors, including their industry, the maturity of their IT organizations, geographical locations and talent levels. "We have some advisors, but it becomes harder and harder to take something to the bank," Strusievici says.

More than 90 percent of 683 CIOs across healthcare, manufacturing, retail and other sectors said that they rely on "trusted advisors" to navigate new technologies, processes and methodologies, according to IDG’s 2019 State of the CIO survey. For CIOs, the trusted advisor wears many hats, from strategic vendors, to friends and former colleagues in their industries, to consultants.

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