Hybrid Cloud Efforts Amplified By a Cloud Verified Solution

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Simac provides a wide range of IT solutions and services throughout Benelux and Central Europe. The company’s networking and development experts are often tasked with how to modernize their customers’ infrastructure and systems for a multi-cloud, hybrid approach.

To address this need, Simac created Cloud|NEXT, a cloud computing platform based on VMware’s technology. The platform enables companies to achieve scalability, economies, and efficiencies that are inherent with cloud, and to embrace it at their own pace.

Simac also perfected a hybrid approach that empowers its customers not only to use the best cloud for the job – public or private – but also to do so in a way that allows them to keep any legacy systems they want to remain operational on existing hardware and software.

We asked Bas van der Wijst, manager Cloud & IT service delivery at Simac, to share why these capabilities — among others that led the company to be named VMware’s Innovator of the Year in Netherlands — are so important today.

“We’re seeing a dramatic increase in customers who want to follow a multi-cloud strategy that enables them to use different clouds for different workloads,” says van der Wijst. “Being VMware Cloud Verified demonstrates that we’re ideally qualified to guide enterprises through the entire process, which includes the orchestration and management of cloud services we’re able to provide with our platform.”

Van der Wijst points out that while the cloud offers significant benefits, many organizations require a mix not only of public and private clouds for different workloads, but also a hybrid approach to infrastructure that reflects a common reality: Many organizations have legacy systems that must be kept operational, but are not interchangeable or easily integrated with today’s systems. Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems are one example.

“Many of the SCADA systems in operation today are decades old, address highly specialized applications, and are often used with older equipment,” he says. “With a hybrid approach, enterprises can still implement a cloud-first strategy, but do so at a pace that allows them to keep some of these older systems in place when it makes sense. Often these organizations ultimately choose to also host their legacy systems in Cloud|NEXT, but there are of course exceptions where they simply want to keep specific applications and data under their own roof for the time being.”

With Cloud|NEXT and its team of networking experts, the company is able to guide customers on their cloud journeys with solutions that are purpose-built to address their unique needs and the optimal timeline for their cloud transformation. The company also offers Cloud|Exchange, a gateway that allows companies to simultaneously use private and public clouds within the same network infrastructure with complete transparency.

“You must have the right people and technology in place,” van der Wijst says. “One of the most powerful aspects of our platform is that it utilizes VMware’s NSX. Virtual networking enables us to build and maintain networks much faster, more effectively and more securely. And being VMware Cloud Verified delivers the peace of mind that comes when customers know they are working with a partner who is highly adept at using today’s most trusted cloud and virtualization solutions.”

Learn more about VMware’s partnership with Simac here.


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