4 keys to assembling a successful agile team

Agile teams are only as effective as their members. These core factors and key questions will help you select and develop the best.

4 keys to assembling a successful agile team
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To facilitate business transformations, organizations in nearly every industry are eying agile as a key strategy for delivering products and services quickly — and with the customer in mind. But the shift to agile is fraught with challenges, and while many IT leaders have experience implementing agile methodologies, misconceptions abound.

Agile in the trenches differs from agile in theory, but one thing remains clear: collaboration is key. And it all begins with a well assembled team.

Scrum.org and McKinsey & Co. recently set out to answer the question, What makes a successful agile team? The resulting study, How to Select and Develop Individuals for Successful Agile Teams: A Practical Guide, explores the values and traits of the individuals that make up successful agile teams, defines core concepts and offers valuable insight for anyone looking to improve recruiting, hiring and coaching those teams.

The following four primary factors should be top of mind when selecting and developing members of your agile teams, according to the research.

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