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20 IT certifications paying the highest premiums today

Certifications can boost your salary and make you more marketable to hiring companies. These 20 certs are rising in value, offering the biggest boosts right now, according to the latest report from Foote Partners.

10 IT certifications paying the highest premiums today
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IT certifications can boost your career, but it’s not always easy to tell which certifications hold the most value for your resume. Moreover, pay associated with any given cert fluctuates based on business interest and the supply of IT pros who hold it. To help gauge certification values, Foote Partners tracks premiums paid for popular IT certifications in its 2021 IT Skills and Certifications Pay Index report.

The cash value of IT certifications is less volatile than that of non-certified IT skills, according to David Foote, co-founder, chief analyst, and chief research officer at Foote Partners. But certifications tend to spike in value after they’re launched and level out as more people get certified.

Foote Partners has identified the following 20 certifications as gaining the most in market value, based on compensation data provided by more than 3,800 private- and public-sector employers in the US and Canada. Certification value is based on the percentage of base salary accounted for by a single certification, on average. Whether you already have one of these certifications or are planning to earn one, there’s no better time to have one of these 20 IT certifications on your resume.

SAS Certified Data Scientist

The SAS Certified Data Scientist certification validates your ability to gain insights from big data with SAS and other open-source tools, make business recommendations with complex machine learning models, and deploy models at scale in an SAS environment. The exam covers topics such as programming skills, managing and improving data, accessing and manipulating data, and working with visualization tools. To earn the SAS Certified Data Scientist certification, you’ll first need to earn your SAS Certified Big Data Professional and SAS Certified Advanced Analytics Professional certifications.

Exam fee: $180

Information System Security Engineering Professional (ISSEP/CISSP)

The Information System Security Engineering Professional certification is offered by the International Information Security Certification Consortium (ISC) as a concentration certification under the CISSP certification scheme. It was developed by the ISC alongside the US National Security Agency to acknowledge “those who specialize in the practical application of systems engineering principles and processes to build secure systems.” It’s designed as a companion certification for CISSP holders to validate their knowledge as it applies to engineering. The certification is designed for senior systems engineers, information assurance systems engineers, information assurance offices, information assurance analysts, and senior security analysts.

Exam fee: $599

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