12 ways to motivate IT staff

Delivering top-notch products and services takes an energized, committed, and creative team. Here’s how to inspire your staff to give you their best effort — now and for the long run.

12 ways to motivate IT staff

In a tight market for tech talent, IT leaders are increasingly looking for ways to build and retain high-performing teams. And while philosophies and processes for doing so differ, the central factor for success remains the same: motivation.

Motivating staff to give their best requires finding first what motivates them. A recent study by Stack Overflow found, unsurprisingly, that compensation is a prime motivator for employees, but close behind are access to technology, opportunities for development and company culture. Regardless of whether you are budget-constrained, there are always ways to prime your IT personnel for productivity.

We asked CIOs and other execs to share their personal stories about what works and what doesn’t when trying to motivate tech pros. Their insights go beyond compensation and perks, and include finding meaning in work that’s not tied to meeting goals and wrapping up projects and products.

Read on for tech leaders’ best tips for keeping a team together, engaged, growing and productive.

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