For Bayer Crop Science, decision science breeds success

Bayer Crop Science is bringing machine learning and artificial intelligence to every aspect of its business, from logistics to genetic sequencing.

For Bayer Crop Science, decision science breeds success

James Swanson’s deep belief in analytics began with a sensor in the back of a truck that was moving seeds from the farm to the processing plant. The idea was simple: Use the data from the sensor to prevent seed loss.

"It was a sensor with a GPS location on it," says Swanson, CIO and head of digital transformation at Bayer Crop Science. "We could track the truck and put a little model together to see if the truck was getting hot. If so, the grains could get destroyed, so move that truck to the head of the queue before it does."

Since then, Swanson and his team have applied analytics to every aspect of the business, from full-scale logistics and routing, to demand forecasting and planning. “Once you get the data and you apply a few models, people start to understand it," Swanson says.

Today, Bayer Crop Science is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to apply data-driven decision-making to R&D, supply chain, commercial sales/marketing, and digital farming. Dubbed Integrating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into Every Business Decision, the project earned Bayer Crop Science a 2019 Digital Edge 50 Award for digital innovation.

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