Bringing a New Era of Cloud-Enabled Business to Poland

Ergonet is now the vanguard for cloud services in Poland, thanks to its partnership with VMware.

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Business is booming at Ergonet, an IT-services provider based in Łódź, a scenic and historic city in central Poland. With more than 20 years of experience serving companies in the region, its experts — which include cloud solution and networking engineers, security professionals and specialists in backup and replication — provide a wide range of managed cloud services.

Ergonet’s customers include large global companies that benefit from the firm’s experience working in complex IT environments. This includes leaders in the consulting, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and software development sectors.

The company is also seeing growth with mature, medium-sized businesses within Poland that either want to augment their existing infrastructure with cloud services that enable them to be nimbler and more efficient, or completely revolutionize how they approach IT.

“Many enterprises in Poland have fairly new on-premises data centers and look to our virtualized environment and cloud services as a way to back up their own infrastructure and gain additional capacity and computing power,” said Przemysław Skowroński, co-owner of Ergonet.

“We’re also increasingly working with clients that simply want IT as a service. These organizations know IT is not their core business, but they want full technical support in Polish at any time. And they want their businesses to benefit from the most up-to-date solutions without having to invest in IT infrastructure and specialists.”

This is particularly evident in the security arena. Skowroński points to the importance that VMware places on having a stable and secure IT environment and the need to build security directly into all of its products. In this way, VMware is working to radically reduce the attack surface rather than chasing threats that continually change.

Skowroński agrees with this approach.

“Being VMware Cloud Verified enables us to deliver the interoperability and flexibility that fast-growing companies in Poland demand and provides them with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the services we offer from data centers right here in Poland are based on the best technology available,” says Skowroński. “By basing our cloud on VMware’s technology, including NSX, vSan and vRealize, and using software from other proven providers like Veeam, we’re able to address our customers’ most demanding requirements for data protection.”

Notably, Ergonet offers services in private and hybrid cloud deployments, as well as through public clouds from AWS, Microsoft, and others. The company even offers a business continuity guarantee for customers that have current VMware licensing if random events or cybercrimes impact their cloud applications or databases.

All this and yet Skowroński feels the best is still ahead.

“We pioneered the hosting market in Poland when we offered the first business email,” he says. “Now we are the vanguard that enables businesses in Poland to take advantage of the unlimited capacity, elasticity, and inherent resiliency of the cloud. This wouldn’t be possible without the strong partnership we have with VMware.”

Learn more about VMware’s partnership with Ergonet here.


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