IT Resume Makeover: Condensing for the CIO role

In this resume makeover, Andrew Ysasi helps a CIO find a focus for his executive resume, while overhauling the design for a more visual — and compact — impact.

IT Resume Makeover: Condensing your career narrative for the executive role
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IT leaders seeking executive-level roles face a common resume conundrum: how to convey their extensive experience and skills in a compact way that has impact. That was what Mark Bye, CIO at Long Motor Corp., recently faced with his resume, which he hasn’t convinced told the right career story for the executive-level positions he was targeting.

“I wanted to make sure that I was sharing the right amount of information and felt that maybe my original resume was a bit long at 3 pages. I also felt like the original resume was perhaps a bit boring, not memorable, and could use some help on visual design,” says Bye.

We matched Bye up with Andrew Ysasi, president of Admovio and vice president of Vital Records Control, for a resume makeover. Ysasi’s first impressions of Bye’s resume were that, while Bye clearly had extensive skills and expertise, his career progression and future career goals weren’t coming through clearly enough.

“Mark has an eye for detail and he is very passionate about his work. Typically, resumes are the last things people like Mark think about because they are focused on their job,” says Ysasi.

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