Caesars plays the high-stakes game of digital transformation

Caesars CIO Les Ottolenghi replatformed the gaming and entertainment company on the cloud to facilitate personalization. The goal? Better guest experiences that translate to greater revenues.

Caesars plays the high-stakes game of digital transformation

The proliferation of digital capabilities has facilitated a new era of personalization, with purveyors of goods and services using various software services and applications to tempt consumers with offers. Retailers have been the most visible players on this front, but casinos also view personalization as the new table stakes for revenue generation.

Targeting guests with offers at the right time and place, and with the right context, is the digital strategy Caesars Entertainment is betting on as it seeks to expand its share of the gaming and entertainment ante on the Las Vegas Strip. Since joining the company in 2016, CIO Les Ottolenghi is more than halfway through a five-year business transformation. The overhaul features new foundational technologies, including adopting cloud software and SaaS (software-as-a-service). Ottolenghi is also layering in digital capabilities to enhance the guest experience.

Revenue for Las Vegas Strip casinos plummeted in 2017, as tourists avoided the area in the wake of the Oct. 1 mass shooting at Mandalay Bay. But gaming wins surged in the latter half of 2018, topping $1 billion last October, according to Las Vegas Review Journal. Banking on slot machines and gaming tables alone is not enough to float a casino, as gaming and preferences diversify to include Esports, celebrity experiences and other entertainment options.

Resetting the bar

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