6 steps to a successful ServiceNow implementation

ServiceNow is a robust ITSM suite that offers organizations popular services on a single-platform. But it’s not as easy as deploying any tool or service – here’s six tips on how to embark on a successful ServiceNow implementation.

6 steps to a successful ServiceNow implementation

ServiceNow is an increasingly popular tool for IT services management (ITSM), especially for companies undertaking digital transformations. The solution’s appeal is largely its comprehensiveness, enabling businesses to use a single platform for their ITSM needs.

A smooth ServiceNow implementation can help support organization-wide digital transformation, help shift resources and budget toward innovation, and improve an organization’s ability to respond to industry shifts. But to get the most from ServiceNow you need to think of the implementation process as more than simply “implementing a tool, but rather as launching a program to digitize, automate and optimize your back office to ultimately drive efficiencies throughout your entire organization,” says Donna Naomi Woodruff, enterprise service enablement leader at Cox Automotive.

The following six steps will help you take control of ITSM in your business when implementing ServiceNow.

Build a plan that considers the future

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