2019 Digital Edge 50 Awards

Mercer streamlines operations with machine learning

The human resources consulting firm turns to machine learning to optimize the highly manual process of collecting data from 30,000 compensation and benefit surveys every year.

Mercer streamlines operations with machine learning
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Every year, human resources consulting firm Mercer collects more than 30,000 compensation and benefit surveys to help its clients better serve their employees. For years, the process of preparing and cleansing the data required weeks of administrative oversight and back-and-forth communication with clients.

In 2017, Mercer started an initiative to bring those back-office operations under control and provide a better experience to its customers. The Mercer Data Connector, completed last year, reduces the time for survey processing from months to minutes, say Darren Duquette, principal of global business solutions at Mercer, and Rick Koo, Mercer’s digital technology solutions leader.

"As we continue on this digital transformation journey, it is important that we continue to view ourselves through the eyes of our clients and deliver user-centric solutions that make it simple and rewarding to do business with Mercer," says Koo.

The project has earned Mercer a 2019  Digital Edge 50 Award  for  digital innovation.

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