Achieving a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure with Cloud Verified

For FNTS, technology is the means to an end — one that enables leaders in numerous industries to overcome business challenges that are anything but virtual.

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Ken Marr is not a fan of technology for its own sake. The CTO of First National Technology Solutions (FNTS) is quick to note that there is no one “one-size-fits-all” digital transformation (DX).

He believes that any transformation is about delivering the capabilities enterprises need to effectively do business and overcome real-world challenges. And those of course are unique to every company.

“In all honesty, if there isn’t some form of digital transformation taking place today, that organization probably won’t exist for long,” says Marr. “But the endeavor really isn’t about technology, rather the culture and the processes it enables that make it possible to deliver real business value with speed and agility. That’s why we believe it’s so important to meet our customers on their own terms, identify the end state they want to reach and develop a path to digital transformation that maps to their unique situation.”

FNTS prides itself on solving any IT challenge encountered by the industries it serves — financial services, government, healthcare, manufacturing, utilities, and software. Its solutions include cloud hosting, as well as managed services for legacy systems and data centers.

Given its roots as a fully independent subsidiary of First National Nebraska and the importance of data protection and compliance in the banking industry, FNTS also offers a wide range of standalone and managed security services. These include compliance assistance, data protection and endpoint security, threat management and cyber security, and cloud security services.

For most of FNTS’ customers, the end state they want to reach calls for the adoption of a hyper-converged infrastructure. Software-defined networks and virtualization make it possible to exceed increasingly demanding requirements for reliability and uptime, and deliver superior applications that make new ways of working viable.

“A hyper-converged network and software-defined data center are increasingly crucial to deliver the high speed and increased agility our customers need to compete and win,” Marr says. “That’s why it’s so important that we are VMware Cloud Verified. It gives our customers peace of mind knowing not only that we use proven cloud infrastructure from VMware, but also that we deploy it in accordance with established best practices and guidelines.”

FNTS’ cloud services are deployed from two data centers: one in Omaha, Nebraska and one in Lisle, Illinois. Both are VMware Cloud Verified.    

Marr stresses that not every aspect of a digital transformation needs to be, or should be, new. Many customers look to FNTS to guide them to a hyper-converged infrastructure while simultaneously helping them get the most out of existing legacy systems, including mainframes.

“Many leading organizations we serve either have mainframes in place that they want to modernize or need to retire in an effective manner while remaining fully operational,” he says. “Finding those with the required skills can be difficult, not only as support for mainframes decreases across industries, but as those with the requisite competencies age. We have an entire team whose members have an average of more than 20 years of mainframe experience to help our customers rejuvenate these systems or alternatively phase them out in favor of a hyper-converged network. We pride ourselves on being able to offer such a wide breadth of services and support.”

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