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Sales automation app helps Suddath get its move on

The commercial moving concern digitized a manual sales process, resulting in reduced administrative overhead and additional revenues. CIO Len O’Neill describes the creation of Suddath’s Estimator software.

To stay competitive in the digital era, companies are betting on software that augments employees' workflows, bolsters the customer experience for and increases revenues. 100-year-old commercial mover Suddath Co. has pulled off a proverbial hat trick, achieving all three goals using the public cloud, machine learning and home-grown algorithms and mobile technology.

“Our leadership philosophy is to be the easiest company to do business with,” says Suddath CIO Len O’Neill. “The digital aspect is about finding ways to change the customer experience, as well as the experience for our partners and employees.”

Businesses in every sector around the world are targeting such outcomes and CIOs are applying digital capabilities that drive business strategy. Sixty-seven percent of IT leaders CIO surveyed for our 2019 State of the CIO report say they are are spending more time on business strategist activities to help drive innovation and nurture go-to-market plans.

The decision to go digital

O'Neill is tackling all of those goals at Suddath, which helps companies switch offices, equip data centers and furbish technology labs. Logistics and planning are critical components for commercial movers, which can be called upon to move thousands of employees in the span of a single weekend. But estimating the cost of such moves has traditionally been a laborious, costly undertaking at a time when labor, transportation, insurance and regulation headwinds exert pressure on margins.

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