7 ways predictive analytics can improve customer experience

AI-powered analytics can drive sales to higher levels by helping organizations anticipate customers' needs and exceed their expectations.

7 ways predictive analytics can improve customer experience
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It's a win-win situation. Predictive analytics is revolutionizing the customer-marketer relationship, boosting sales while simultaneously increasing shopper satisfaction.

And it’s all because of data, business' new superpower, states Paul Gaynor, a partner at professional services firm PwC. "Advanced business analytics gives you the ability to see and predict everything, everywhere," he explains. "Every interaction with customers, every moving part in your supply chain, every financial transaction, anywhere in the world."

In the increasingly cutthroat retail world, predictive analytics gives sellers a powerful new edge, one that more than compensates for the internet's ever-expanding array of choices and anytime, anywhere comparative shopping.

"Predictive analytics help you know what might happen, prepare a response ahead of time, get ahead of the risks, and influence the outcomes," Gaynor says. "It’s like looking ahead with a telescope, not glancing through the rear-view mirror."

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