Game of Thrones: 8 leadership lessons every IT pro should heed

HBO's epic swords and sorcery series is less fictional than you might think. Here’s how to survive and thrive as an IT leader despite the political intrigue and power struggles that come with the job.

Game of Thrones: 8 leadership lessons every IT pro should heed
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Treachery, deceit, political intrigue, power struggles — these are some of the enduring themes of Game of Thrones, but for many of us it's just another day at the office. The characters and situations depicted in HBO's epic series are not entirely unlike those you encounter at work every day, save for the armor, swords, and fire-breathing reptiles.

And, as with any mythology in action, there are lessons to be learned. How do you deal with a tyrannical CEO or a talented but headstrong employee? Is it possible to successfully navigate office politics without having your reputation sullied or your back stabbed? What can you do when your boss or a key colleague lacks all human emotions save for anger?

Game of Thrones lays bare these and other valuable lessons in leadership, including the importance of finding a savvy adviser who can steer you away from disastrous decisions, fostering the shy geek who's likely to find solutions for your company's most intractable problems, and recognizing the need to pay more attention to the people in the trenches who keep warning you that bad things are about to happen.

Here are eight invaluable lessons any IT leader should be sure to take away from Game of Thrones.

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