Anheuser-Busch taps single source for data analytics

The world’s largest brewing giant has a new data management strategy, the main ingredients of which are a single source for data and the cloud.

Anheuser-Busch taps single source for data analytics

Anheuser-Busch InBev, the $60 billion brewer of Budweiser, Corona and more than 500 beer brands, had a data problem when Harinder Singh joined the company as global director of data strategy and solution architecture in 2017.

Thanks to acquisitions of more than a dozen brands over the past several years, AB InBev had accumulated a morass of data stored in on-premises and cloud systems in more than 100 countries. Singh's objective? Aggregating and unifying the data and making it available to business users through a single lens.

"My peers here tell me that even as recently as three years ago, thinking of technology or data wasn't on top of mind," says Singh, who held a similar role at Walmart eCommerce before joining AB InBev. "Business transformation must be enabled by digital transformation and data is at the core."

Data on tap

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