Essential traits of business-driven IT leaders

The CIO role is quickly transforming into one responsible for driving business change. Here’s how to shake up your approach and envision — and realize — positive business outcomes.

Essential traits of business-driven IT leaders
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Marc Lalande found himself dealing with a scenario typical for CIOs: The unauthorized use of an application.

Lalande, CIO and partner at the creative services firm Sid Lee, learned about this shadow IT lurking in the firm’s New York office after one of his IT managers flagged it as outside the organization’s global tech standards. Lalande investigated and found, as is often the case, that employees had started using Slack to collaborate because they felt this particular platform best met their needs.

Rather than clamp down, Lalande reached out to the employees, listened to their reasoning and determined that Slack should be expanded to Sid Lee’s Montreal headquarters as well as its offices in Los Angeles, Paris and Toronto.

Lalande says that willingness to embrace solutions brought on board by employees, the agility to absorb it into the IT stack, and the vision to see how it could be leveraged for even bigger returns speaks to the mindset that CIOs must have today.

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