Adobe enlists AI to establish self-healing ITSM

Adobe has embraced AI, ML, NLP and other emerging technologies to improve the company’s service management — and pave the way to a self-healing ITSM framework.

Adobe enlists AI to establish self-healing ITSM

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) are some of the hottest new technologies in IT service management. These technologies help companies streamline service management by automating business process and tasks within the ITSM framework.

Adobe provides a shining example. The creativity software maker has used AI, ML and NLP to help “change the dynamic within ITSM to allow for a better level of service to whoever that end customer is and to change the role of the ITSM professional to work on higher-level tasks instead of just ticket reduction,” says Cynthia Stoddard, senior vice president and CIO at Adobe.

The company’s intelligence-enabled ITSM makeover has helped Adobe not only support customer-facing digital media services but also improve productivity and efficiency inside the organization. Thanks to AI, ML and NLP, Adobe has improved ITSM processes, reduced errors and streamlined service management while also eliminating mundane and repetitive tasks for IT workers.

Here’s an inside look at Adobe’s shift to intelligent ITSM.

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