12 ways to ruin a new hire

In a tight tech talent market, a poorly planned or executed onboarding process can quickly inspire a new hire to jump ship to another offer.

12 ways to ruin a new hire
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Imagine yourself as the newest hire in IT, and on day one, you have no computer, no login or an incorrectly spelled email address. It happens. And when new employees don’t have a sense of their place in the business — or just don’t have a desk — it dramatically reduces their long-term chance of success in their new workplace.

IT leaders and other experts relayed some of the worst workplace mistakes they had witnessed, including onboarding nightmares that left new hires feeling isolated, unsuccessful, and even with regret about taking the position. These pros also offered advice on how to get ahead of the process and greatly improve the chances of leaving a new hire feeling connected to the organization with a clear understanding of their role.

1. Leave a hole in the chain of command

Stephanie Daniel, a senior partner at Keystone Associates, says the first few weeks are a time to tap into the enthusiasm and energy of a new hire. And yet she’s seen quite the opposite instead, where the person feels left out to dry.

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