13 signs your software project may be doomed

Software projects can get derailed before you know it. Here are the subtle warning signs that your latest app dev initiative isn’t going quite as well as it seems.

13 signs your software project may be doomed
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Every software project begins with fanfare and gleeful optimism. Even the smallest side hustle hacked together late at night is born of starry-eyed dreams. The team is convinced that with just a few lines of code and some open source libraries we’ll be done and accepting bonuses for our elegant, faultless work.

But then a few weeks or months in and we wake from our dreams to find git repositories filled with decisions and revisions and reversions. Is it good enough? Is it close enough to the specs? Will anyone actually use it? All too often software teams get deep into a project only to find at least some of the answers to these questions coming back as “no.” Is there any way to see it coming?

Sometimes, it’s true, the best laid programming plans go astray with no warnings, but more often than not, a doomed ending is all too obvious to anyone paying close attention along the way.

Here are a baker’s dozen early warning signs of likely software project failure.

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