5 ways leading organizations excel at digital

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With technology integral to business strategy, leading organizations are rewriting the rule book for success. In Deloitte’s 2018 global CIO survey, we identified these digital vanguard organizations as having two distinct attributes: a clearly defined digital strategy and an IT organization viewed by the business as a leader in harnessing emerging technologies and building digital capabilities. Only 9.7 percent of global technology organizations fit this bill.

In survey interviews, we discovered that these digital vanguards differed from other organizations in terms of their priorities, mindsets and cultural attributes. Here is what sets them apart:

1.   Growth mindset

Operational stability is expected of any IT organization, but once it is achieved, digital vanguards quickly shift focus to driving transformation and delivering top-line growth. In fact, for 62 percent of them, transformation and growth is their primary mandate. We also found that digital vanguards are less afraid of failure and more likely to fund business innovation, spending 26 percent of their technology budgets on innovation compared with 18 percent for others.

With technology and business dynamics changing rapidly, many tech leaders feel it is almost impossible to commit to a three- or five-year plan, yet they do. Digital vanguard organizations have solved this dilemma by taking a zoom-in/zoom-out approach, simultaneously focusing on working with their business peers on two very different time horizons: six to 12 months (zoom in) and 10 or more years in the future (zoom out). This process provides the clarity and flexibility that allows these organizations to address immediate business needs while building a broader business vision and purpose.

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