6 tips for working with AI vendors

For most organizations, DIY artificial intelligence is out of reach. Here’s how to cut through the hype and create business value with off-the-shelf AI.

6 tips for working with AI vendors
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Artificial intelligence and related technologies promise to be a game changer for businesses. The central question is whether to build or buy. Some companies will build their own solutions from scratch, but using commercial tools can often be faster, cheaper, and provide better results than what a company can build on its own.

Since the technology is so new and untested, early adopters have some power when it comes to vendor relationships. Suppliers may be willing to perform custom configurations and integrations, provide free consulting or training, or give steep discounts — especially if you’re willing to be one of their success stories should the project work.

Plus, being among the first customers of a startup, or for a new offering from an established vendor, may allow you to impact how a product develops.

But working with AI vendors isn’t all wine and roses. In addition to the usual issues that may arise when working with any technology vendor, there are specific nuances when it comes to AI, machine learning, and similar technologies.

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