AI is poised to radically transform software development

New tools and cutting-edge projects show how machine learning and advanced analytics may soon revolutionize how software is designed, tested, and deployed.

AI is poised to radically transform software development

We are entering the age of what Tesla AI director Andrej Karpathy calls "Software 2.0," where neural networks write the code and people's main jobs are defining the tasks, collecting the data, and building the user interfaces.

But not all tasks can be tackled by neural networks — at least, not yet — and traditional software development still has a role to play. Even there, however, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics are changing the way that software is designed, written, tested, and deployed.


Brazil-based TOTVS provides mission-critical industry software for about 100,000 enterprise customers. For example, trillions of dollars are transacted each day in its financial services solutions.

Such applications require capable testing. Test case creators need to be extremely deliberate about how they design testing scenarios, each one taking several hours to create.

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