Filling the digital transformation skills gap

Success in the digital era requires the right blend of business, IT and soft skills. IT leaders are rethinking their hiring and training strategies to truly transform.

Filling the digital transformation skills gap
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As someone who doesn’t have a technical background, Phil Bertolini, CIO for Oakland County, Mich., knows he needs to surround himself with people who have tech skills — but he believes it’s almost more important to find ones with business-oriented skills.

“The other belief I have is that nothing makes a bad business process worse than putting a bunch of tech around it,’’ he says. “Our goal is to tear the business process apart, make sure it’s optimized and then build the proper enabling technology to make it efficient.”

To do that requires people with a blend of technical and so-called soft skills, yet that is something Bertolini struggles with. Still, that is a core mandate for the people he is looking to hire today.

“They may be very astute technically, but if they don’t have people skills they can’t work here,’’ he notes. “If I need programmers or database people and networking people, I can rent them in the contract market. But what I can’t always find are the people who can actually work closely with people and engage with them and understand their business process.”

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