DXC takes open badge approach to team-focused AI training

DXC is leveraging Open Badge Academy to help individuals and organizations gain cutting-edge skills with an emphasis on teamwork.

DXC takes open badge approach to team-focused AI training
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Upskilling is critical to digital transformation success. But when it comes to technologies like cloud, data analytics, and artificial intelligence, what’s the best way to ensure your staff is learning the right skills to bring value to your organization? And how do you structure your training program to ensure staff will buy into the value it will have for their careers?

As Dan Hushon, CTO at DXC Technology, an IT services company, sees it, corporate training typically takes one of two forms: internal training that offers skills and knowledge that aren’t necessarily of value outside the organization, and external training, education and certification that has higher general value but might not be targeted to the organization’s business needs.

“Your company might offer you opportunities to learn things that are valuable to them but not that much for you, or vice versa,” he says.

To ensure both individuals and organizations benefit mutually from training, DXC is merging the two approaches with its DXC Open Badges Network. The network, which currently offers tracks in AI, industrialized AI and DevOps, is built on the Open Badge Academy (OBA) platform. Open Badge Academy enables organizations to create micro credentials, called badges, tailored to the skills they need.

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