How to create team building activities your IT department won’t hate

Team building is critical to establishing a winning culture. Here’s how several IT organizations are strengthening staff bonds both inside and outside work.

How to create team building activities your IT department won’t hate
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An organization’s culture plays a key role in employee engagement, and team building is among the most effective ways to help employees forge or strengthen bonds with their coworkers. But forget the standard casual Fridays, pub crawls or pizza lunches — team building has evolved into bringing people together for work and play, inside and outside the office, says Doug Saunders, CIO of Advanced Disposal.

“We make sure that our teams work hard, but also have the chance to have a little fun and get to know each other outside of work,” Saunders says. “We partner with vendors and our carriers to do things like escape rooms outside of office hours, but we also are thoughtful about how we seat people, for example, in the physical office. It’s the ‘Silicon Valley’ approach here in North Florida — where there are collaborative spaces, but also private spaces. We’re cognizant of that balance and we try and encourage ways that people can bond, both inside of work and out,” Saunders says.

Following is a look at how several CIOs and executives are tackling team building, along with tips on how to ensure your team’s experience is a success.

A formal structure gets everyone on the same page

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