Asurion reskills around cloud and DevOps for digital push

Asurion’s move to the cloud and DevOps consumption and development models necessitated a major reskilling effort by CIO Daniel Curling. Here’s how he did it.

What is the cure for a creaky datacenter and glacial software development? Reskilling staff as practitioners of cloud software and DevOps.

That has been the winning formula for Asurion CIO Daniel Curling, who has spent the past five years steering the provider of device protection services for retailers, wireless carriers and cable TV providers, through a major digital transformation. Curling, promoted to CIO last October after serving as vice president of enterprise technology since 2014, is training up many of his IT staff to work with cloud solutions and other modern technologies.

"We needed the culture to change," Curling tells "We needed to quit identifying as, ‘I’m a Windows admin or a Java developer,’ and align more to product ownership and KPIs."

Reskill or perish

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