IT Resume Makeover: Streamlining your executive resume

It’s every executive’s challenge: Condensing decades of experience and expertise onto a single resume page. Here’s how our resume expert helped streamline a CIO’s storied 25-year career.

It’s a common issue for IT executives seeking a new gig: how to convey your extensive expertise and accomplishments in a way that grabs the attention of recruiters and hiring managers snowed over in resumes.

With nearly 25 years of technology management experience and 10 years of senior leadership experience, Rizwan Khan struggled with that very issue.

“I wanted to show all the key accomplishments from my professional background. I was able to accomplish that by keeping my resume under two and half pages, but I felt that my resume was still too long to get the key points across to the recruiters who are going through hundreds of resumes,” says Khan.

That’s where resume expert Andrew Ysasi, president of Admovio and vice president of Vital Records Control, came in. After a few conversations, Ysasi identified what type of positions Khan was interested in and helped reshape his resume to reflect his desired career path. Ysasi knew he’d have to help Khan fit his experience onto one page, while also better defining what role he was looking to fill.

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