7 ways to make IT operations more efficient

Chances are your enterprise's IT operations could use some improvement. Here are tips for getting key services on the fast track to higher performance and cost savings.

7 ways to make IT operations more efficient

Every IT leader strives for efficiency — making the best possible use of available resources. Yet seeking efficiency and actually achieving it to any meaningful degree are two very different things. Often, despite careful planning, efforts at building efficiency fail to meet anticipated goals and key operations remain mired in mediocrity with wheels spinning in the mud.

Restoring traction to stalled efficiency initiatives requires commitment and vision. "To be more efficient, focus efforts on improving effectiveness and experience," advises Kumar Krishnamurthy, a principal with PricewaterhouseCooper's strategy consulting group.

To bring the right focus on effectiveness and experience, Krishnamurthy recommends understanding and managing cost to serve across three core categories: optimizing to reduce cost to serve the business, re-engineering to drive effectiveness, and pushing to improve experiences

Here are seven additional ways IT leaders can make their operations more efficient and productive.

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