IoT success stories: Reaping value from sensor data

The internet of things is helping CIOs collect more data than ever. Here IT leaders share how IoT is helping to transform manufacturing, agriculture, and museums.

IoT success stories: Reaping value from sensor data
Jiraroj Praditcharoenkul / Getty Images

Enterprises replatforming for the digital era are thirsty for data. That thirst is spurring a proliferation of internet of things (IoT) implementations across several sectors, including industrial manufacturing, agriculture and retail.

Unlimited connectivity, ubiquitous data supplies and massive processing power have been a boon for IoT, which includes sensors that gather data about anything from room temperature and lighting levels to the performance of industrial machines, said Jeanne W. Ross, principal research scientist of MIT SCISR, at the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium in May.

"IoT, mobility and analytics are raising the bar on operational excellence and customer experience," said Ross, who researches how companies are using digital tools to accelerate and sustain success.

A bull market for IoT

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