10 bad IT hires to avoid

A bad IT hire can have a crippling ripple effect on team productivity. Here, IT leaders share their IT hiring horror stories — and tips on how they could have been avoided.

10 bad IT hires to avoid
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Tech leaders who’ve been in business for a while will recognize this scenario: A new hire who looks great on paper (or LinkedIn) gets a desk, an ID card and an attitude. Your promising new IT staffer is turning into a bad hire horror story.

In fact, a survey by tech staffing firm Robert Half found that nearly all IT leaders — 95 percent — said they’d made a bad hire at one point. Nearly 40 percent described the bad fit as skills-related, with the new hire unable to do the job as expected.

According to the report, “interpersonal issues (29 percent) and poor corporate culture fit (28 percent) have also contributed to hiring mistakes, together accounting for over half of bad hires, according to IT leaders.”

To avoid this situation, we’ve detailed the most frequent types of IT hires gone wrong. They include stories of the overconfident, the indifferent, and the inflexible.

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