Estonia CIO outlines country’s plan to embrace AI

Enterprises can learn from Estonia’s just-do-it approach to AI and investment in skills development

Estonia CIO outlines country’s plan to embrace AI
MetamorWorks / Getty Images

There’s plenty that businesses could learn from Estonia’s digital transformation. For years, the country has allowed residents to file their taxes online, and to vote over the internet using government-issued smart ID cards.

It has a nationwide system of digital health records, and its land register is also online. These systems are decentralized but interconnected through an open-source data exchange platform, X-Road, which has also been adopted in Finland and Iceland.

Now Estonia is setting out its national strategy on artificial intelligence. While it’s not the first country to do so, its pragmatic approach could serve as an example to enterprises figuring out their own approach to AI — as well as opening up business opportunities for some.

A pragmatic approach to AI

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