5 interview tips for winning over job candidates

In a tight talent market, the job interview cuts both ways. Here’s how to ensure, as an interviewer, you don’t lose a strong could-be colleague.

5 interview tips for winning over job candidates
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Don’t talk too much about your personal life. Don’t come across as overly aggressive. And never, ever check your phone. This is just some of the advice job experts give applicants interviewing for a position. But when it comes to filling engineering roles, employers might need a little wisdom of their own.

After all, tech is a candidate’s market where the right hire may actually turn you down — and engineering managers typically aren’t human resources professionals. They oversee the team where applicants will be working, so when it comes to interviewing, sometimes all they know to look for is whether someone seems like a technical fit. They don’t always know what they can and can’t talk about, what questions to — or not to — ask. They may be a great boss, but because they don’t get HR, they can accidentally say or do something that keeps candidates from accepting the job.

With that in mind, here are five tips for interviewers in a tight market for tech talent.

1. Think before you speak

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