IT as a product: Secrets of successful launches

To improve efficiency and user outcomes, organizations are jettisoning IT projects in favor of an agile, product-based approach to delivery IT services. IT leaders share their hard-earned tips on making it work.

IT as a product: Secrets of successful launches
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The need for speed is rapidly transforming IT. Tasked with moving as fast as — or even faster than — the business, IT has adopted a host of new strategies for delivering tech capabilities quickly. Central to this shift has been a movement toward agile development, which has heralded a multitude of changes to the development and delivery process.

Organizations at the forefront of this trend are shifting from big, monolithic projects with corresponding large-scale, high-risk deployments to a product mindset, where teams own a function, capability or service from its start to finish.

This evolution also has CIOs and their teams rethinking how they bring new technologies to consumers and business users. They’re leaving behind go-live dates and instead opting for product launches, with products typically far from finished. In fact, these product launches sometimes happen quietly with small-scale rollouts designed to test out how well they work — a far cry from the big-bang deployments of the past.

But IT leaders say that IT product launches, like those big project deployments, still require attention to guarantee success. Here, five IT executives share their strategies for successful product launches.

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