Slashing the Costs of AI Projects with a New Platform

A new paper from consulting firm UBM explores how an innovative hardware-and-software platform from Dell EMC and Intel can help organizations slash the costs of AI projects.

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Dell EMC

People today are getting bombarded by constant repetition of a few stories and messages about the value of AI, with little evidence of tangible value to support the enthusiasm. I know, it’s just life in the social media age. But frankly, I think the potential of AI is being undervalued.

Most enterprises have numerous, immediate opportunities to tap into the business value of artificial intelligence powered by deep learning and machine learning. In order to realize this potential, however, organizations need to overcome the challenges of providing deep learning analytics tooling that meets the needs of data science professionals, while maintaining control of IT costs.

The good news is there are options available that will help you achieve both of these goals. I was recently able to work with the consulting firm UBM to produce a white paper describing how Dell EMC and Intel have teamed up to slash the cost of developing AI applications with an innovative platform for producing results from deep learning analytics at scale.

This new platform includes an enterprise-supported implementation of Nauta, a recently released open source data-science platform workbench for distributed deep learning. The Nauta platform provides productivity enhancing automation for the development, testing and validation of deep learning models using Kubernetes containers on systems based on 2nd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors.

Nauta helps organizations address some of the biggest challenges that come with AI and deep learning projects. These challenges include creating computing environments that can scale to train ever-larger models and that can function as a single, shared resource that meets the needs of many users. The platform delivers this scalability by enabling large model training experiments to run on multiple distributed nodes without requiring sophisticated Kubernetes and Docker development.

Nauta is a key component of a new deep learning entry in the growing portfolio of Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI. Based on Dell EMC™ PowerEdge™ servers with Intel Xeon Scalable processers, the Deep Learning with Intel solution provides all the hardware, software and services needed to get an optimized deep learning solution stack up and running quickly. It’s designed to simplify the entire platform onboarding workflow.

Business benefits

The UBM white paper highlights how this Dell EMC Ready Solution allows IT organizations to keep their data analytics in house, without requiring extensive up-front training or creating a long-term support nightmare.

“By allowing IT professionals to use the Kubernetes tool they are familiar with, Nauta lets them quickly and cost-effectively meet AI infrastructure needs,” UBM says. “Combined with validated Dell EMC hardware, the software solution speeds time to market and reduces the total cost of ownership compared with either building AI infrastructure in the cloud or using workstations equipped with specialized hardware accelerators.”

UBM adds that, by offering a single source of support for a highly scalable AI implementation, the hardware and software solution from Dell EMC and Intel “creates the shortest and most cost-effective path” to the business benefits of AI.

Key takeaways

To capitalize on the business value of AI and deep learning, organizations need solutions that allow them to cut through the complexity that comes with building computing environments from scratch, piecing together disparate frameworks and management tools, and then struggling with scalability issues. The new Deep Learning with Intel solution in the Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI portfolio meets these challenges head-on.

To learn more

For the full story, read the UBM paper “Dell EMC and Intel Team Up to Slash Costs of AI Projects,” and for a close-up look at the Deep Learning with Intel solution, explore Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI.

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