AI helps Land O' Lakes churn data into sales

The Fortune 500 dairy giant is leveraging data and artificial intelligence to optimize pricing, target sales, and forecast future demand.

AI helps Land O' Lakes churn data into sales
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When it comes to selling products, nothing quite gives an edge like knowing exactly where to target your sales efforts — and at what price. Thanks to the confluence of sophisticated data strategies and artificial intelligence, insights like these are fast becoming reality.

Like many businesses, Fortune 500 dairy giant Land O' Lakes is constantly seeking to optimize its pricing, better target sales, and forecast future demand. For more than a year, data analytics and AI have been key to its efforts.

Beginning in the fourth quarter of 2017, Land O' Lakes began to deploy elements of its Data to Value program, which brings AI techniques to bear on the company's sales and marketing efforts. The project leverages data analytics tools and disparate data sources to achieve insights into the company's profitability, sales call success factors, and commodity markets that Jeremy Dumond, director of business intelligence at Land O' Lakes, says were previously unattainable.

"The world of data is growing exponentially, and the challenge of boiling it down to actionable insights that drive profitable growth gets more challenging each day," Dumond says.

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