It Takes a Whole Community to Drive AI Forward

Success with high-performance computing depends on a collaborative, engaged community. Here are a few reasons why community is so important.

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Dell EMC

When it comes to achieving ongoing gains with high-performance computing, no individual or organization can do it alone. It takes a large, robust community to drive the continual advances in HPC that are a prerequisite for meeting the growing demands of applications like data analytics and artificial intelligence.

I’m reminded of a quote from The Three Musketeers: “All for one and one for all, united we stand divided we fall.” That’s kind of what it comes down to in the HPC community.

So what does it take to build a great community? In my experience with the global Dell EMC community, there are a few keys to a robust community, all of which are reasons to get involved.

Teamwork. Community is all about the power of many — thousands of people working together on a common problem. With that kind of teamwork, everyone gets ahead in less time.

Support. When you are part of robust community, you have access to a virtual help desk that never closes. The community is always open, with people there 24 hours a day to offer help with scripts, fixes and more — all at no charge.

Choice. Community is also about the freedom to choose. You can select and implement the best ideas from around the world — the ideas that meet the needs of your enterprise — and ignore those that aren’t relevant to you.

Collaboration. Community is all about a two-way exchange of ideas. With a robust community, you can collaborate with colleagues near and far, to test your ideas. They can help you identify and refine your best ideas, and generate new and even-better ideas.

These are principles that guide the Dell EMC HPC Community, which brings great minds and great technologies together. This worldwide technical forum fosters the exchange of ideas among researchers, computer scientists, technologists and engineers — and promotes the advancement of innovative solutions for HPC and what it drives — like solutions for data analytics, machine learning and deep learning.

Members of the community share expertise, insights, observations, suggestions and experiences to improve current HPC solutions and to influence future technologies. Working together with Dell EMC HPC staff, this community helps advance the industry, including the design, delivery and deployment of new solutions and technologies.

Let’s get started

As HPC converges with data analytics and artificial intelligence, partnership and community are more important than ever. And together, we can shape the future. So let’s get together in the Dell EMC HPC Community.

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