A Communication and Collaboration Strategy is Fundamental For Business Success

With CIOs under more pressure than ever, moving to a single UCC platform is a critical strategy to enhance the work experience and to drive wins

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CIOs are under more pressure than ever to provide the technological backbone that helps their organizations stand tall. They’re juggling an increasingly wide range of strategic priorities to accomplish that. A recent survey conducted by GoTo and Ovum reveals that IT leaders are balancing many priorities coming from leadership, the top three being improving operational efficiency (71%), improving customer experiences (63%), and reducing costs (59%)*. Driving transformation and claiming a seat at the strategic table means thinking constantly about how to balance these three priorities—and that's just at the highest level.

On a day-to-day basis, no one has more power than the CIO over a company's internal and external interactions. CIOs have to help win and retain business by making sure the company offers high-quality engagements that match customers' high expectations. They have to give employees the tools they need to connect with vendors, partners, and each other. And in a global marketplace with a distributed workforce, it's a CIO's responsibility to protect productivity by ensuring that every interaction, internal and external, is seamless and simple no matter when or where, or what device it's on.

Even in the digital era, business is about sharing information among people. At many companies, though, that means trying to share information using a variety of communications and collaboration tools that have accreted over the years with little to no planning. Many of those tools offer a specific set of functions that no longer match what the company needs. Others let valuable information go uncaptured because they don't integrate with functions in other solutions. Some are too outdated to leverage the latest technologies, such as AI and machine learning. In addition, multiple solutions create needless complexity: multiple vendors, multiple bills, and multiple management tools that make it difficult, if not impossible, to give employees access to only the features they need.

There's a better way to support employees, deliver superior customer experiences, and boost productivity while controlling costs: by ditching this hodgepodge of point solutions in favor of a unified communications and collaboration (UCC) platform. By consolidating on a single technology stack, CIOs can ensure high-quality communications across audio, video, chat, screen sharing, and mobile apps, even as the vendor introduces new features and functionality. There's also the undeniable benefit of having only one backend, one management tool, and one bill from one trusted vendor that can handle all your questions and provide a single point of contact for support.

If CIOs look for a solution that incorporates AI, they can also give productivity an extra boost company-wide by making it easy to integrate popular digital assistants and automate routine meeting-related tasks. In fact, when IDG surveyed IT leaders recently about AI-enabled UCC solutions, 63% of respondents said they think UCC with AI will replace time-wasting drudgery with interactions that speed progress toward business goals. The features they expect will be most useful are predictive technology that alerts users to upcoming meetings, reminds them of tasks, and suggests follow-ups; the ability to record and transcribe meeting notes; and virtual assistants and chatbots that answer questions and provide contextual information.

At its core, business is about making faster decisions and helping people achieve their goals by working together. CIOs who can streamline communications and collaboration with a simple, reliable, innovative solution are doing more than supporting the company. They're earning their place in the C-suite by making business possible.  

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*2019 Global UCC Survey conducted by Ovum

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