Top 6 chatbot building platforms

Chatbots are fast becoming a business cornerstone for customer service efforts. Here are the key tools you can use to leverage AI to better serve your customers.

Top 6 chatbot building platforms
Oruj Hummatov / Getty Images

As the world obsesses about a future filled with autonomous cars and robot workers, the simple chatbot has become today’s reality on the front lines of customer service. Companies are deploying platoons of talking AIs, integrating chatbots into every facet of communication between users and company.

The current generation of chatbots emerged from two traditions. One path began in the elaborate ecology of tools built to support humans manning call centers. The developers recognized that some clever AIs could support these systems, intercepting initial requests and sometimes solving the simplest ones. They added intelligence to a system that was already built for chatting with customers.

The other path came from the lab and AI researchers themselves. As they built out their natural language processing stacks, they found that customer service jobs were a good application. So they created their own chatbots and started distributing. 

There are a surprising number of practical differences between these approaches. Some chatbots will work with both spoken words and text messages while others communicate only through text. Some mainly support humans while others stand alone. Some are upfront about their mechanical soul and others coyly assume a human-like role complete with a human photo from a stock photo collection.

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