What it takes to hire top data science talent

To attract data science talent, you need a sound data strategy and an established data-driven environment in which data scientists can have an impact and do meaningful work.

What it takes to hire top data science talent
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When it comes to hiring data scientists, top salaries and free food may not be enough. Given the current crunch for data science talent, it might seem like the usual laundry list of startup-like benefits and perks targeted at rockstar tech talent —on-site gyms, break rooms with video games and pool tables, and so on — could give your organization an edge. But the truth is, most data scientists we’ve spoken to want something deeper and more meaningful — and it all has to do with the work.  

According to a survey by Burtch Works Executive Recruiting, 82 percent of organizations are planning to hire analytics or data science professionals and 70 percent also expect to expand their analytics and data science teams in the first half of 2019. That’s great news for data science professionals, but bad news for companies who are trying to hire while the market is experiencing a shortage of data scientists.

But don’t let the shortage get you down — there are still plenty of ways to attract data scientists to your organization. Here we discuss with data scientists and those who have had success hiring them what attracts them most about a new job. 

The value of meaningful work

Even if your company can afford to compete with the hiring budgets of today’s tech giants, it’s still probably not enough to land the best data talent, according to data scientists we spoke with.

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