7 ways IT leaders derail their careers

Falling off track is easy when you make a mistake that can turn a career superstar into a bit player.

7 ways IT leaders derail their careers
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The moment typically arrives without warning. An IT career that showed every sign of success — steady promotions, salary increases, a better office — suddenly slams to a halt. You’re fired, demoted or involuntarily plateaued. What happened?

It's impossible to rebuild a broken career without first understanding how it was derailed. The "Success Express" frequently slips off the rails due to a mistake, oversight, offense or miscalculation made in total innocence or ignorance. Often, the victim doesn't even realize that he or she has made a career-crippling move.

Here's a look at seven ways leaders inadvertently derail their careers and how you can avoid making the same common mistakes.

1. Not looking beyond IT

IT leaders who don't bother to thoroughly understand their industry sector and the business world at large generally fail to gain respect and career traction. "While it's essential to fully understand the technologies needed to support a business' goals, an IT leader’s true value lies in the ability to help grow the business’ top line, as well as help manage the bottom line," says Harry Moseley, CIO of Zoom Video Communications, a cloud-based conferencing service provider. When IT leaders are unfamiliar with key industry and business pain points, they often find themselves unable to execute and deliver an IT strategy that supports the enterprise and its goals.

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