IT’s greatest skill shortage: Leadership

The rise of digital disruption and transformation has put a spotlight on IT’s need for leadership skills throughout the ranks. Here’s how organizations are addressing the void.

IT’s greatest skill shortage: Leadership
Boris Rabtsevich / Getty Images

IT manager Scott Livingston puts a premium on a collection of traits that he sees as critical to doing his job well and advancing his career. He lists characteristics like integrity, emotional intelligence, self-awareness and trustworthiness — all elements he says he needs to cultivate and demonstrate in order to influence and motivate others to do great things.

“I want to expand my impact. There’s only so much you can do as one person, but if you can align with other people, you can accomplish so much more,” he says. “I’ve learned that what you can do is only as good as the people you surround yourself with and how much you can motivate them.”

Livingston, now manager of membership platform production support at Pittsburgh-based HM Health Solutions, says that realization pushed him to seek out leadership development programs as a way to build the abstract qualities that make leaders, and not merely managers.

He sought training that would help him communicate more effectively, learning to tailor messages to his audience, and that would teach him how to better market ideas and foster stronger relationships.

“It’s about creating opportunities,” he says.

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