Insourcing, automation spark GE’s IT transformation

GE’s bold move to insource IT support and automate IT workflows has paid off in cost efficiencies and a vastly improved employee experience.

Insourcing, automation spark GE’s IT transformation
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Fragmented legacy systems, heavily outsourced IT support, and significant reliance on manual process are IT problems almost every large organization struggles with. Some, however, like General Electric, are tackling these issues head. The company’s IT leaders made a commitment in October 2017 to transform the multinational conglomerate through a technical initiative that would emphasize employee experience, simplify the technology selection process, manage IT spend and drive greater cost efficiencies.

“For our employees, acquiring, managing and learning the legacy systems we had in place was death by a thousand paper cuts,” says Jeff Monaco, CTO of digital workplace technology at GE. “The information became ‘tribal knowledge,’ and so they had to open numerous support tickets, find someone who knew how to navigate the systems, or phone a friend. And on the support side, it was heavily outsourced globally to staff that weren’t well-trained and didn’t have fast turnaround time. It was both a technology and a satisfaction issue.”

These issues were a major contributor to GE’s dismal employee Net Promoter Scores (NPS) at the time, says Julie Dove, vice president and digital workplace experience leader at GE. NPS is a key metric that measures customer experience and can be a predictor of future business growth. In this case, the “customers” were GE’s own employees.

“The business case was heavily rooted in dramatically increasing our satisfaction score (which were at a -20), improving operations activities and predictability, as well as awareness of IT processes and solutions,” Dove says.

“We were really focused on employee experience and helping employees be more productive.”

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