12 dark secrets of cloud security

The cloud is essentially a dark pool of computational power and that mystery can lull us into complacency. Here’s what you don’t know about keeping your data secure in the cloud.

12 dark secrets of cloud security
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The promise of cloud computing is irresistible. For pocket change, you can spin up a server. Backups can be created with a click. No more worries about buying hardware or keeping the server closet cool. Just log in and go.

But what you gain in convenience, you lose a little control. And anyone with an ounce of paranoia might start pondering the catch. What’s going on behind the curtain?

Enterprises at first were wary of giving up data and workloads to the cloud for fundamental reasons, including questions around security and privacy. And while early trepidations have given way to an era in which the cloud has become a primary IT strategy, many of those original concerns still hold — and even more have arisen since reliance on the cloud has exploded.

Here are 12 dark security secrets of doing business in the cloud.

The same security holes persist

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