UPDATE: The biggest data breaches in the Middle East

The Middle East, which has been embroiled in conflicts for decades, is witnessing a rising number of cyberattacks on organizations as age-old geopolitical rivalries move to the cyberspace.

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Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are increasingly becoming the targets of sophisticated cyberattacks that are aimed at stealing personal data and, in some cases, exposing state secrets.

This comes against the backdrop of growing technology adoption by enterprises and institutions in the region. The Middle East's digital markets have been expanding with an annual growth of 12 percent, and the number of users with access to the internet is rising particularly since the 2011's Arab spring, according to the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

But, this has also made organizations more vulnerable to breaches.

According to a report produced by UAE-based cybersecurity firm Dark Matter, breaches in the Middle East are "widespread, frequently undetected, and increasingly appear to be state-sponsored."

The report, which studied cyberthreats and trends, found that the most "significant" threats to regional organizations with critical infrastructure came from "eight malicious threat actors and campaigns," motivated by "espionage and then sabotage."

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