The Cloud is COMING: Cloud Verified Partner Delivers Tailored Solutions from Belgrade and Beyond

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“Many CIOs want to get out of the data center business altogether,” says Nebojsa Ilic, head of infrastructure and cloud solutions, COMING Computer Engineering. “The enterprises we serve are increasingly aware that owning, operating, and managing their own data centers and hardware does not provide them with any competitive edge in the marketplace.”

Based in Belgrade and with two data centers in Serbia, COMING is a systems integrator and cloud provider for organizations in the Adriatic region. The company offers solutions to optimize business operations, communication and collaboration, mobility, security, and business continuity efforts.

All of these offerings can be tailored to address each customer’s unique needs, enabling them to run their businesses more efficiently and securely with a blend of cloud and on-premises solutions — which are rapidly growing in demand throughout the Adriatic region.

“The breadth, depth, and security of cloud computing has matured and in the vast majority of cases, surpasses on-premises solutions both in terms of performance and cost savings,” Ilic says. “Simply put, the cloud allows most organizations to focus on their core business while benefiting from increased flexibility and agility that makes it possible to not only bring solutions to market faster, but in many cases to do so while delivering vastly improved customer service at the same time.”

For example, the COMING Cloud provides customers with a fully isolated network for cloud infrastructure. The solution suite offers everything from fully managed cloud services to Infrastructure-as-a-Service, remote backup and disaster recovery, and even container technology with COMING’s Kubernetes-as-a-Service.

Importantly for both COMING and its customers, the Belgrade data center is VMware Cloud Verified, and all of the firm’s platforms are based on VMware technology.

“We’ve worked closely with VMware since 2006,” Ilic says. “Our customers benefit from the fact that their workloads are running on the best enterprise data center platform on the market, built and operated according to VMware’s best practices and validated designs.

“We also offer the vCloud portal — a set of virtual infrastructure resources — that enables customers to easily and economically manage their data center in the COMING Cloud,” he continues. “And because the vCloud platform is 100% software-defined, it enables us to accelerate the on-boarding process and get customers up and running with cloud-based data center resources and services faster than ever before. Perhaps most importantly with vCloud, customers can quickly operate their own virtual data center in the COMING Cloud with absolute confidence while maintaining complete control over all of their compute, storage, and network resources.”

Ilic is also quick to point out that these resources can be easily accessed and controlled in several ways at the customer’s discretion — including a graphical user interface, an API, and a variety of command-line and infrastructure automation tools.

“Together with VMware, we’re not only providing enterprises with the cloud services they need, but we’re also delivering them in the way various stakeholders prefer,” Ilic says. “Because of this, our platform is equally suitable for enterprise IT administrators, DevOps engineers, and developers.”

Learn more about COMING and its partnership with VMware here.

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