IT resume makeover: Finding the right aesthetic and format

IT leaders must work to hone their resumes, but equally important is making sure the format and flow catch the attention of recruiters and application tracking systems alike.

IT resume makeover: Finding the right aesthetic and format
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After decades in IT, it can be hard to capture the extensive skills and experience of a storied career in just one or two pages of a resume. Seasoned IT pros and executives who sit down to list their experience and accomplishments often find they’re left with a three- or four-page resume, which is not streamlined enough to stand out in today’s competitive recruitment landscape.

This was the case for Joyce Morganti, who knew her resume was too long but wasn’t sure how to organize her CV to capture her experience and the reader, not to mention offer a clear picture about where she wanted to take her career next.

“While my resume had good content in terms of quantified accomplishments, it was too long and contained a lot of details. Also, the summary section did not state what I was looking for as a future position,” says Morganti, whose name has been changed for this makeover.

We paired up Morganti with IT resume expert Andrew Ysasi, president of Admovio and vice president of Vital Records Control, to give Morganti’s resume an overhaul. Ysasi was impressed by Morganti’s experience, but knew he’d need to help reformat her resume to make it even stronger.

“Morganti is a seasoned global CIO; there is no question on her ability and experience. Her resume was rich with detail that made it easy to quantify and qualify her experience. However, her resume was four pages long, her most recent position was confusing and there were inconsistencies in grammar and formatting,” says Ysasi.

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