8 ways the cloud is more complex than you think

The cloud may spark automated push-button fantasies, but the reality of shifting to cloud services is quite a bit more complicated.

8 ways the cloud is more complex than you think
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For a growing number of organizations, it’s not a question of whether they should move applications and development platforms to the cloud, but when.

The cloud has become so well entrenched in corporate IT that it’s increasingly difficult to imagine business without it. Still, the move to cloud services is not without its share of hardships, some of which can be totally unexpected.

A recent report by professional services and consulting firm Accenture notes that two-thirds of large enterprises are not realizing the full benefits of their cloud migration journeys, with the complexity of business and operational change among the key barriers.

Of the 200 senior IT professionals from large businesses surveyed, 55 percent cited business complexity and organizational change as a barrier to realizing the benefits of the cloud. Only security and compliance risk was cited more frequently.

While the promise of the cloud is automated scale at the push of a button, capturing the benefits of the cloud takes time, and there is a learning curve that’s influenced by many variables, Accenture says.

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