Here is the technology fueling Africa’s agricultural revolution

Agriculture in Africa is making use of emerging technology to innovate solutions to improve food security in Africa.

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A year after emergence of COVID-19, Africa's agricultural sector has proved to be more resilient than people expected. Despite the widespread devastation experienced around the globe, food production in sub-Sahara Africa did not collapse and in fact, the South African citrus industry celebrated a record-setting season, with exports of 146 million cartons of fruit to the rest of the world.

Agricultural production in Africa is still characterized by significant exports of unprocessed products, and significant imports of processed foods. Nevertheless, across the continent, a young and dynamic population is embracing agritech (agriculture technology) based on AI, drones and mobile platforms to change that dynamic and create a more balanced and resilient agricultural sector.

During the time that the pandemic occupied everyone's thoughts, the challenges posed by climate change took a back seat. But the prospect of rising temperatures, more droughts and floods and unpredictable weather patterns are a far greater long-term threat to food production than the pandemic.

Technology cannot solve all problems, but it has an important role to play in the agricultural sector.

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